Electromagnetic Overhead Cranes Conveniently Lift and Shift Large Quantities of Steel or Iron Material

Cranes are required to transport heavy objects from one place to another that have a separation, both horizontally and vertically. Cranes themselves can be stationary, mobile, or mounted on tracks or overhead on girders. Some cranes are required to shift mainly steel articles and they depend on electromagnetic principles to arrange the required shifting.

The main part of this lifting device is a powerful magnet that can be switched on when needed to attract the steel to be lifted(stio de weihua grua), and then use its other moving parts to lift and shift the material that is now held by an electromagnetic force(electromagnetica grua puente). Once the crane is moved to the required location, the power is switched off, it results in a release of the steel material that has now been conveyed to the desired location. Electromagnetic cranes are very convenient for situations where a large quantity of steel material requires to be constantly shifted, to assist in any other operations. These cranes are extensively used in scrap yards and also in steel making workshops. Electromagnets can however not lift heated steel.

This form of lifting can lift tens of tons of iron and steel material like scrap iron, iron wire or rods, all other heavy material that has substantial iron content. It reduces any need to package or bin these products and this can save a lot of time in the handling of these products(producto grua 10t). Most of these cranes have electromagnets of a diameter of 5 feet or so that can easily attract to it up to 16 tonnes of iron at a time. Care has to be taken to have a proper supply of power, as any interruption in supply can release the lifted objects and this can lead to accidents. Many of these cranes also have claws that will automatically deploy to grasp the iron or steel material so that it does not fall down even when power is cut off.

The magnetism in an electromagnetic crane is created by having coils of insulated wires that are wound around a soft magnetic material. A soft magnetic material is one that develops magnetic poles that create magnetic fields as long as electricity is passing through them. Once the power is switched off, the soft magnetic material loses its capacity to provide magnetism and its hold on any material it has picked up when it is magnetic. Electromagnetic cranes have large industrial electromagnets that benefit from their ability to control the created magnetic flux. These magnets are then positioned over the steel or iron materials that need to be lifted before the power is switched on. This requires them to have their own devices of wires, chains, and lifting structures that enable this movement and positioning. These other devices must be designed to lift and shift the weight of the material that the magnet has the strength to lift. Once the power is switched on the magnet is energized and lifts the steel material. Electromagnets require a proper source of direct current power that creates the magnetic flux. This magnetism can also create heat, and at times may require cooling installed systems to keep this heat under control.

How To Buy The Right Single Girder Bridge Crane

When you’re relying on a piece of machinery, you will want to make sure that the machine you’re using is the best possible choice for you. You should take great care when buying something like a single girder bridge crane. Here’s how you can make the best possible choice.

Know What Your Budget Is

It’ll be difficult for you to evaluate your options without knowing what you are willing to spend. You should take the time to set a clear budget for your purchase. Think about what you are comfortable investing before you buy anything.

When you consider costs, you’ll want to look at maintenance costs and operational costs in addition to the initial price of purchase. You’ll want to make sure you are using your money in an efficient and effective way. Setting the right budget will allow you to do a lot with the money that you have.

Dafang Single Girder Bridge Crane
Dafang Single Girder Bridge Crane

Know What Your Needs Are

What do you need from a crane? You should think about how you plan on using your bridge crane. You should focus on finding a crane that is specifically designed to meet the needs of people like you.

If you don’t have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, it will be much harder for you to find what you want. However, if you do know what you’re in the market for, you’ll be able to identify some of your best options with ease. Knowing what you want will make finding the right product a breeze.

Single Girder Overhead Crane
Single Girder Overhead Crane

Learn More About Your Options

In addition to knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about your various options. You should take the time to do some research on cranes, crane manufacturers, and even crane vendors!

If you have a lot of information on your choices, you’ll be able to notice things that you might have missed before. For example, you’ll be able to identify cranes that are made by respected manufacturers. You might also find reliable vendors that have better deals than their competitors do. Learning more is definitely something that should pay off for you.

Don’t Rush To Make A Decision

Because this is such a significant purchase, you won’t want to rush into anything. Instead, you should carefully consider your decision and look closely at what you’re going to be getting for your money.

When you make a big decision like this in a hurry, you could wind up deciding something that you’ll regret later on. If you take things slowly and really think about what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to make sure you actually select a piece of machinery that delivers everything you want and need.

Start looking at single girder bridge cranes while keeping the criteria above in mind. Think about what you would like from your crane, and make sure you get everything that you’re looking for. No matter what you wind up choosing, you’ll feel confident that you made the best choice for you.

The Advantages And Benefits Of Utilizing Factory Overhead Cranes

One of the best inventions ever made for businesses that lift heavy items was the overhead crane. These can be installed at virtually any location. They may be constructed with their very own support beams, or they may attach half of the overhead crane to an existing structure. If these are in doors, you may actually have the entire apparatus built into the interior frame. Whether these have runners, or if these are stationary overhead cranes, they need to be installed properly. The following benefits and advantages of utilizing a factory overhead crane will now be presented.

Factory overhead crane for sale
Factory Double Girder Overhead Crane from Weihua

What Is A Factory Overhead Crane?

A factory overhead crane is one that is designed for a facility where products are coming out all the time. These cranes need to have a substantial amount of lifting power, especially if many of the items coming out of the factory are excessively heavy. The weight of the objects can vary significantly. You might have one that is collapsible and portable which is very small. Others are going to be enormous, capable of lifting 100 tons or more based upon the way they are designed. Therefore, a factory overhead crane is nothing more than a crane that can be used outdoors and indoors.

Reliable overhead crane from Weihua
Weihua Overhead Crane for Sale

What Are The Advantages To Using One?

There are two primary advantages to having these installed. First of all, they are capable of lifting what could be your heaviest loads. Second, you need to work with a business that is offering excellent prices so that you can save as much money as possible. Low prices do not have to be indicative of faulty machinery or cheap products. It might just come directly from a manufacturer in a country like China where the cost of producing these is far less. Where you will see the largest markup is in the retail price. That is because it will have gone through a wholesaler and a distributor that could be near you. Instead of working with these local outlets, find the time to get the bridge crane that is going to have many different benefits. This would include easy to use consoles, and a design that will improve how long it will take to move what is at your facility.

How To Purchase And Install One Of These Units Rapidly

you can purchase and install these very easily if you have the right team working for you. There are people that will also have to outsource this work because they do not have the necessary skills or tools. Factory overhead cranes are essentially all the same. The main difference is going to be with the power that it possesses. It is so important to only use businesses that are known for producing the best cranes that are available for purchase.

The primary advantages and benefits of owning one of these overhead cranes is that it contributes to the well-being of your workers. Second, it is going to help you speed up the process of moving merchandise which means you can take on more clients and generate more revenue. Finally, it is going to benefit everyone that is working there because they can avoid injuring themselves. There are so many companies that offer these products. It is so important to evaluate as many businesses as you can so that you can find the one that is best for you. http://overheadcranesmanufacturer.com/

Featured capacity cranes

Here are some useful information about capacity cranes, if you want to know their types, and want to know the design concepts of the crane and how the crane factory manufacturer them, and their finished products, in this article, the author will introduce them to you with its decade years in Ellsen Bridge Overhead Crane company.

5t capacity crane
5t capacity crane


Right here we take the overhead crane 5 ton as an example, tells you the types of capacity cranes. Capacity cranes are classified by its loading capacities, in capacity cranes, such as the 5t crane, there are grab cranes 5t, single girder 5t cranes, hoist overhead cranes 5t, double girder cranes 5t and mobile type 5t overhead cranes, etc. Each type of them has different configurations and also has different design structures. In the following, I will tell you the design structure of some typical 5t overhead bridge cranes, and you will know that every design is useful and meaningful.

How to design

The capacity crane design concept is loading materials with different weights, such as the 5t overhead crane, it is designed to load or unload materials within 5ts. As for the explosion-proof overhead cranes 5t, this kind of 5t capacity crane is designed with explosion-proof functions which can enable it to work in environments with explosive gases. However, the overhead 5ton grabbing crane is a crane, designed or handling materials with grab buckets, which can work in the wastes plants, grains factories, etc. However, the electric hoist 5t overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane equipped with electric hoists as its auxiliary hoisting device to promote its working efficiency.

Manufacturer process

Having known the design purpose of the capacity crane, you must want to know about its manufacturing process. In this paragraph, I will tell you in detail. There are four main steps to make an overhead crane in general:Main beam structure manufacturing, welding, electrical parts configuration, and painting. First of all, once the factory knows what capacity of the crane does its clients, they will use the metal materials to manufactures the beams of the overhead cranes, forming the main structure of the crane. Secondly, wielding the main parts of the overhead crane. And thirdly is electrical parts configuration, according to their client’s requirements they will configure the bridge cranes electrical parts. The fourth step is painting, paint the main parts of the overhead crane for anti-wearing and beautifying.

Finished products

After all the above manufacturing steps, the finished crane products come into being. When you go to your supplier’s crane factory, you will see the finished crane products, the one will be your individualized crane if you let your crane manufacturer tailor for you the crane you need for your industry.

Wish all the above texts are informative enough if you need customized cranes, welcome to http://ellsenoverheadbridgecrane.com/overhead-crane-5-ton-for-sale/ get more details.

How To Find Reliable Steel Mill Crane Manufacturers

A steel mill crane is a kind of hoisting machine used for metal or steel material handling applications.You can find this kind of crane widely applied in the foundry industries.

This kind of crane manufacturer for steel mills mainly include, ladle duty cranes, billet cranes, scrap cranes, and electromagnetic cranes in steel mill . All these types of cranes do have one thing in common, that is they all have a higher requirements on the steel mill cranes performance.

Steel Mill Crane
Steel Mill Crane

Buying a higher performance cranes for steel mills, that is to say you need find a reliable crane supplier, someone who can or have the ability to manufacturer such highly configured equipment. When you find it, the half crane purchasing project have almost done. The following contents in this post, the author from Ellsen Steel Mill Crane Machinery will introduce you some tips to find a reliable steel mill crane supplier in four aspects: local ways, traditional ways, fashion ways, and all the above ways combination. Details are as follows:

Local ways

You start a business for steel materials handling and you must make some friends and make acquaintance with some of your clients who know some steel mill cranes suppliers in their friends circle. If so, you can follow some suggestions of your friends, and find a local supplier or crane manufacturer near your steel mills. In this familiar way, you can buy a steel mill crane in a very short time. However, this way also has some weaknesses, local crane suppliers always charge you high, or the cranes manufactured from their factories cannot meeting your requirements. As I mentioned above, it is a higher requirement dedicated crane, and must be manufactured by some qualified crane manufacturers. If this tip could not meet your standard, you can also take a look at the next method:

Ladle Crane
Ladle Crane

Traditional methods

Apart from the above local ways, the traditional methods of to select a reliable crane manufacturer also include offer a powerful crane purchasing bids on your company’s website, in this way your factory or company can attract some crane manufacturers or suppliers in a wide range. The other way is to get steel mill crane manufactures information from your friends or clients, as mentioned above, you should make a strict section through them. The third way is to buy a new one from your former crane supplier. If you have already bought some crane equipment from a steel mill crane manufacturer, you can buy from them. Usually, these steel crane manufacturers will always provide you price preference since you have forged a relationship with them. That will the best way if you have such relations.

Fashion ways

If the above ways is not your cup of tea, maybe the fashion ways will be satisfy you. In the internet world, you can find everything you want to buy, make full use of Google, you can find your best steel mill cranes suppliers online. But how and in what way, it takes some time and some minds on it. Usually some of companies have their own websites, or online stores, with the products keywords you need and google it. The results will be lifted on your browser. Please be careful, be sure your key words is exact and clear, only in this way can you find a real supplier who can meet all your requirements on this equipment. The more specific, the better.


The last ways or tips for you is to combine all the above methods in one. Every ways has their own strengths and weaknesses, maybe one of them can meet some requirements, while some others could not. When you combine them as one, you will combine all the strengths in one. Finally, you will find your reliable steel mill cranes supplier who not only can provide you a high performance crane but also can provide you a crane with low cost.

Wish all the above information will be helpful for you, more detailed information about steel mill cranes, welcome to http://steelmillcranes.com/

Differences Between A Top Running Bridge Crane And An Underhung Bridge Crane

If you are trying to decide on which type of a crane to use, it can be a difficult process if you are not aware of how they work. For example, you can use a top running bridge crane which might be appropriate in some cases, whereas an underhung bridge crane might be the better choice. Once you have looked at the different ways in which these are made, and their lifting capacity, you can make your decision very easily. There is also the matter of finding a crane company that is offering these at a reasonable cost. Here is what you should do to decide on which one will be best for your business.

Underhung Crane
Underhung Crane

What Is A Top Running Bridge Crane

These are bridge cranes that are going to operate from overhead. They are going to be connected to a single beam, one that is going to have a trolley. This will allow you to move the merchandise from left to right once you have it installed. They can typically lift several tons, in depending upon their lifting capacity, and the traveling speed, you can determine which one will be best for you.

What Is An Underhung Bridge Crane

These are very similar to the top running bridge crane. The main difference is that the main mechanism is underneath the beam. It just depends on which one you believe would be best suited for your company. Some of underhung bridge cranes are going to be very large, whereas others are smaller with a lifting capacity that may not be enough for your business. They are going to be better suited for indoor areas where the ceiling height is much lower. That is because everything is underneath, instead of on top, giving you just a few more feet of extra room.

Top Running Bridge Crane
Top Running Bridge Crane

Is There Any Difference In Their Lifting Capacity?

There is actually very little difference between the lifting capacity of either one. They can be designed to lift the same amount of weight. They are designed in a similar way, each with a pulley, trolley, and a single beam that will support all of the weight that you are going to lift. The one that you are going to choose is almost always dependent upon Price and how high your ceiling is. Once you have this information, you will be very easy to determine what you should do.

Each of these is going to be exceptional in their ability to provide lifting capabilities. If you haven’t used one before, or had one installed before, they are actually very easy to use. It will take a little bit of time to find the proper position, but once you have, you can start lifting containers very quickly and efficiently. By the end of the month, whether you purchase one or more of these, you will quickly see why so many people prefer of these over many of the other equipment that are currently sold for a similar purpose. With enough research, you should be able to find one that is large enough and also affordable.