The Features and Applications of A 2-ton Gantry Crane

A 2-ton gantry crane has lots of great features and can be used in many applications. This crane is sure to benefit your productivity level. It lifts large items, bulky items and heavy loads. It is the perfect size for a factory, warehouse or a logistics plant.

2 ton portable gantry crane

Features of the 2-ton Gantry Crane

These small cranes are compact enough to work in plenty of indoor or some outdoor applications. Installing the crane is fast and easy.

This type of crane works with a single beam and two lower legs. The hoists can lift up to 2 full tons of weight. These cranes are sized to fit indoors spaces with limited spans. Most 2 tons cranes have a 31.5-meter span but they can be adjusted. Cranes can be purchased as mobile units or as fixed units. They are made of durable steel.

While these are not features that will be ideal for a shipyard or a construction site, they are just right for use on an assembly line, in a workshop, in automotive applications and more. Small businesses or shipping warehouses benefit from this specific size of the crane.

The motorized hoist has an automatic shut off safety mechanism. This is useful when a load is bulky and about to fall. The automatic shut off feature helps prevent injuries to workers. They will notice that the machine has stopped and will see what the problem load is that is causing the shut-off. They can correct the issue by readjusting the load or by removing it and replacing it with a load that the crane is capable of handling.

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Choosing the 2-ton Gantry Crane

Be careful about buying the 2-ton crane. If it cannot handle all the loads your company requires it, you should invest in a 10-ton gantry crane or 20-ton crane. There are limits to how much the 2-ton can do, but the work that they do for anything within the 2-ton limit is fast, efficient and safe.

These cranes are incredibly flexible. If you set it up in one location and need to move, you can easily dismantle it and reinstall it at your next location.

They are long-lasting cranes that will give your company years of good service. They are also affordable. Take a look at the various 2-ton gantry cranes available for sale. There are many online catalogs from manufacturers that display photos and full specifications including height, weight, span and trolley speed.

Take time to search as many manufacturer websites as possible. It does not matter if you find a crane that is located across the globe. Most manufacturers are happy to ship worldwide. Review the products sold on their websites and then ask for a detailed quote or ask for details on having a custom crane built for you.

2 ton travelling gantry crane

When your company gets the new 2-ton gantry crane it will be on its way to doing more efficient work. It will increase its productivity and product quality, all with the help of an easy-to-maintain 2-ton gantry crane.